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Memorial Services, Caskets & Burial.

At Sugarloaf Pet Gardens we feel every pet deserves to be laid to rest with dignity and respect.

Our pets give us so much, and ask for so little. It is our belief that a special final resting place will provide you the peace of showing your appreciation for the love, laughter and devotion your pet has brought into your life. A tour of the gardens with the hundreds of plaques and memorials allows you to share in the dedication felt by other people who also cherished their pets in a deeply emotional way.

Final rites and customs vary with each family. We can help you plan the type of services that will provide the most comfort to your family at your time of loss. Whatever type of pet you have, Sugarloaf Pet Gardens is here when you need us to meet your special needs. Burial arrangements are made to suit your individual needs and financial considerations. We have caskets in stock to meet your immediate needs. Markers are custom ordered and placed within days upon arrival.



Casket Boxes for Small Pets

Pet Caskets

Memorial Services

You may find it most comforting to select your wish now, allowing you to think calmly before a crisis occurs. Preplanning helps you feel more prepared when the time comes, and saves costs.

Many families choose to purchase multiple lots at once so all their pets may rest together.

We will pick up your pet's remains from your home or veterinarian's office.

We can help you plan a service in our pet chapel where friends and family may gather to share thoughts and prayers. We offer a non-denominational prayer and tribute if you feel more comforted by leaving this service in our hands.

Sugarloaf Pet Gardens offers a variety of caskets specially sized and appointed as a vessel for your pet's final rest.

Burial sites are prepared with the utmost in respect and care. Whether your need is immediate or you're preplanning services for your pet, you may choose from thousands of gravesites specially designed for pets of any size, from a parakeets to horses.

Choose from a variety of memorial markers, made of Georgia granite and inscribed to your specifications.

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